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Mark Kerr

Education flaws

Robert nicholson

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Dear Sir

Your response, (JEK/05545 Dated
June 3rd 2008) to my letter of May 30th 2008 was most aggressive and obstructionist. The triumphalism and ferocity of the content caused me to re-check the facts of this case.

My discovery of the article published by the Shropshire Star (
April 11th 2007 see attachment) set alarm bells ringing. You will see from the other attachments that this was shortly before the problem with examination papers emerged.
As a senior member of SoLACE Wales, for you to engage SoLACE Enterprises in an expensive and futile exercise is, in itself, a dubious practice.  

Clearly, at the time of my speaking to Mr Barlow; April 23rd 2007, the knowledge that 44 teaching staff were not cleared to work with children, would or should, have been available to all senior teaching staff and governors of schools in Powys.
From the Internet correspondence that followed between Mrs Davies and myself; from early May 2007 - it is clear that we had a common objective and we agreed to keep things low key while she pursued her internal investigations. At no time did she indicate to me that a problem existed.

During the summer break, I reviewed the situation using the research findings of the Sutton Trust among others, as a starting point.  This link refers:
The Sutton Trust is a highly respected organisation in respect of education matters. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that bias exists in our education industry. The actual mechanism remains a mystery though.

By this time my son had taken a different set of examinations and gained entry to the course he desired.
Both the Head and the Chair of governors appear to take the view that a satisfactory outcome had been achieved.
Whether my son requested the return of his papers via Mr Barlow or not, is debatable: certainly my telephone prompting is not!

My son was - and still is, unaware of the true situation.
To attempt to exploit his inexperience is further evidence of the mindset endemic in your organisation.  There are many victims of what is clearly maladministration and dereliction of your duties.

Relying also on the mother as you appear to; is probably counter productive insofar that her covert employment of at least one law firm in order to pervert the course of justice; really is grasping at straws. There is plenty of evidence to demonstrate that she is not averse to using her children to achieve her own ends.
I have never defamed the school – on the contrary, I was a "roadie" for the sixth form band "Fat Wax" when they were competing in the "Battle of The Bands" – they were a credit to the school both in demeanour and conduct.  The performance of my daughter – ranked 3rd in the UK, (GCSE in Communications Studies); just a few years previously, indicates the high standard of scholastic achievement attainable at the school.
Having forfeited around £100,000 in lost income alone over the past 18 months, I am not inclined to throw my few remaining assets at a legal system I no longer trust.
The alleged protection of an, as yet, unidentified paedophile Judge by former Chief Constable Terence Grange is an ongoing, re-opened, investigation; and until concluded in a proper manner, renders the system worthless.
From 23rd of this month OCR will commence destroying completed scripts.
Please persuade the minister, Jane Hutt, to halt this. Then conduct a proper validation of the scholastic output of the school. Please act swiftly!
I ask you again to provide me with a copy of the "Round-Robin" letter issued to parents with children at Builth Wells High School.

 Thank you

R D Nicholson

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